Bluetooth Environmental Sensor for Mushroom Farm

Series of videos on creating a Bluetooth environmental sensor for mushroom farm.

Bluetooth Temperature And Humidity Introduction:

Reading The BME280 Environmental Sensor:

Temperature And Humidity Custom Bluetooth Service Part 1:

Temperature And Humidity Custom Bluetooth Service Part 2:

Sample Rate Multiplier:


Creating your first custom Bluetooth Application

Series of videos on creating your first custom Bluetooth application.

TI CC2640R2F Launchpad Hardware:

TI CC2640R2F Launchpad Out Of Box Demo:

Setting Up Your Development Environment:

Event Driven Bluetooth Application:

BLE Peripheral Current Consumption:

Custom Bluetooth Application Introduction:

Custom CCS Project:

Necessary Code Changes:

Creating Custom Bluetooth Service:

Temperature Data Characteristics:

Azure Sphere Connected Power Supply

This is my project entry Azure Sphere Connected Power Supply to the Secure Everything with Azure Sphere with Avnet and Microsoft, which I am one of the winners for Tier 2 prize. After I have received the Avnet kit there was only less than a month until contest deadline. It took me 1 week to come up with a project idea and learn everything I need to make this project. Then it took me exactly 1 week to execute and do the project. Besides doing the project, I needed to ping the Azure Sphere Contest server 14 consecutive days in order for my project entry to be valid. Several thousand people avail the contest kit but only a few hundred was able to submit their contest entry. One of the most challenging part for me doing this project was learning Visual Studio C++ again after a very long time. This is my first time joining a international design contest which at that time was one of the biggest and well known contest being sponsored by Avnet and Microsoft. Winning Tier 2 prize may have come with some luck as I knew a lot of highly experienced and skilled people will join this contest.

I think, I learn, I create