This is the blog of Markel Robregado,  a Computer Engineer from the Philippines, and also a Texas Instruments Engineer to Engineer Community “Guru” and “MVP“.

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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Markel,
    i have a cc3200 project, i am trying to make some kind of datalogger. i want the project to have a lcd and a keypad connected to 2 PCF8574 and communicate to the thru i2c. after accessing as a user been able to send a command via wifi to a mysql.. i have done all of this in arduino and i want to move it to cc3200 energia.


  2. hello Markel ,
    I am doing a project on sensor hub and tiva tm4c123gxl in CCS . Can you provide me some sample code so that i can start my project .


    1. Hi Prateek, I just noticed your message today. I advise you to post your question at TI E2E Tiva Forum to get more expert advise. Likewise there is already a example programs for Tiva Launchpad and Sensor Hub that you can review and use.


    1. @Brahim, the addresses for the Sensor Hub Booster Pack can be found at the Example Programs for Sensor Hub at Tivaware. Example for TMP006 at Sensor Hub Booster Pack the I2C address is 0x41. For SHT21 the address is 0x40.


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