Adding Bluetooth Connectivity to DPS3005 PSU using TI CC2640R2F BLE MCU

This project features the Texas Instruments SimpleLink Bluetooth Low Energy CC2640R2F Launchpad interfaced to a DPS3005 Programmable Power Supply. Making the DPS3005 to have Bluetooth Connectivity.

Serial Modbus RTU is the communication protocol used between TI CC2640R2F and DPS3005. DPS3005 has a connector with pins GND, RX, TX and VCC which is used to connect to TI CC2640R2F Launchpad 3.3V pins and GND for power and also RX and TX for Serial Modbus RTU Communication.

Values set during Video Demo:

  1. Voltage – 0x0096 (1.50V), 0x00C8 (2.00V), 0x012C (3.00V), 0x0190 (4.00V)
  2. Current – 0x01F4 (0.500A)

Single Write Register Serial Modbus Format:

Address Code (1 byte), Function Code (1 byte), Register Address (2 bytes), Register Data (2 bytes), CRC Code (2 bytes)

Example Serial Modbus Format setting Voltage to 0x012C (3.00V):

0x01 0x06 0x0000 0x012C CRC Code

Bluetooth Low Energy Services shown at IOS LightBlue App:

  1. DPS Modbus Service – Custom Bluetooth Service.



Program: TI CC2640R2F DPS Peripheral

Note: See, program link for instructions.



4 thoughts on “Adding Bluetooth Connectivity to DPS3005 PSU using TI CC2640R2F BLE MCU”

  1. I’d say this is a good start. But why not have the user enter 1.5V and then have the app translate it into hex values in the back end?

    But love your work – keep it up!!


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