Bluetooth Low Energy Power Bank

BLE Power Bank

This project features the Texas Instruments SimpleLink Bluetooth Low Energy CC2640R2F Launchpad interfaced to a BOOSTXL-BATPAKMKII to function as Bluetooth Low Energy Power Bank.

With a Bluetooth Low Energy Power Bank you can use a Smart Phone App to see how much charge it has and receive notifications if its charge level has reached a set critical or high level. See, video below.

Bluetooth Low Energy Services:

  1. LiPo Batt Service – Custom Bluetooth Service.
  • Battery Level Critical and High Notifications.


Hardware Block Diagram:

BLE Power Bank Block Diagram

Hardware Setup:


Project Hardware Modifications:

  • Remove TI CC2640R2F Launchpad R52. This effectively disconnects the LaunchPad’s BPRST header pin from the CC2640R2F device’s RESET_N pin. Then EN1 circuitry of BOOSTXL-BATPAKMKII pulls the signal down to ground which is connected to the TI CC2640R2F BPRST Pin 13. Remove 5V and 3V3 jumpers. Move VSENSE jumper from XDS110 Power to External Power.


  • Put a 10K Ohm Resistor across R9 of BOOSTXL-BATPAKMKII Rev 1.0. This is fix for the charging issue. Place a jumper at JP6 BIN.


Project Software Requirements.

  1. Simplelink CC2640R2 SDK: SDK v1.50.
  2. TI Code Composer Studio 8.0.
  3. SmartRF Flash Programmer 2.
  4. SmartPhone LightBlue IOS App.

Program: TI CC2640R2F BLE Power Bank

Note: See, program link for instructions.

Project Photos:

MOSFET Switch Board


Check out my online course below:

Create Bluetooth Projects using TI CC2640R2F Launchpad


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