Secure Internet Of Things Humidifier

Secure IOT Humidifier System
Device Connection to WiFi Network

This project features the Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220SF LaunchPad™ with Integrated Security Features as shown below.

Overall Project Features:

  1. Easy connection to CC3220SF Launchpad using SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Starter application.
  2. Direct connection to CC3220SF Launchpad set as Access Point.
  3. Easy access to CC3220SF Launchpad using its internal web server.
  4. Demonstrates reading Sensors Booster Pack BME280 humidity and temperature.
  5. Demonstrates setting of desired humidity. If desired humidity is greater than actual humidity, the humidifier will turn on.
  6. Neopixel Ring RGB Led Lights Show upon internet connection.

Hardware Block Diagram:

Secure IOT Humidifier HW Block Diagram
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CC3220SF Launchpad connection to Sensors Booster Pack:

The I2C pins of Sensors Booster Pack is in conflict with the TDO and TDI of CC3220SF Launchpad. Set CC3220SF Launchpad SOP Jumper to 001, to change from 4-wire JTAG Connection to 2-wire JTAG Connection. Remove the CC3200SF Launchpad I2C jumper connection to on-board sensors.


Overall Pin Compatibility:

pin compatibility

Project Photos:

NeoPixel Ring 16 RGB Leds
SeedStudio Grove Water Atomization
Ultrasonic Transducer Disc
MSP430FR5969 Launchpad and CC3220SF Launchpad

Program: TI CC3220SF IOT Humidifier

Note: See, program link for instructions.

Program Details:

The program firmware and internal web pages are modified version of the CC3220SF Launchpad Out of Box Demo.

Provisioning Process:

  1. When there is no network profile previously saved at TI CC3220SF Launchpad it will start the provisioning process. If the TI CC3220SF Launchpad is connected to your PC you can see the output at Tera Term that provisioning has been started.teraterm1
  2. Open SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Starter application and set your WiFi Network Details.IMG_1128
  3. After successful provisioning your device IP address will be shown.



Internal Web Pages:

settings.html Status Tab
settings.html Profiles Tab
settings.html Device Tab
settings.html Network Tab

Project Demo:




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