TI CC2640R2F Play Buzzer Tunes

CC2640R2 SensorTag2
Bluetooth Low Energy Connection to Smart Phone

This project shows how to play buzzer tunes through Bluetooth Low Energy Connection. I used my earlier blog project “TI CC2640R2F SensorTag“, and added playing buzzer tunes functionality. 

Project Hardware Requirements:

  1. TI CC2640R2F Launchpad.
  2. TI Educational BoosterPack MKII.
  3. TI BLE USB Dongle or TI CC2650 Launchpad with Host Test Program.

Program: TI CC2640R2F SensorTag

I added code files sensortag_playtunes.c, sensortag_playtune.h and pitches.h to TI CC2640R2F SensorTag CCS Project.

TI CC2640R2F SensorTag Play Buzzer Tunes:

Buzzer Tunes Credits to:

  • Dung Dang for the Happy Birthday Buzzer Tunes.
  • Dipto Pratyaksa for the Mario Brothers Main Theme and Underworld Tunes.