TI CC2640R2F SensorTag

TI CC2640R2F SensorTag
Bluetooth Low Energy Connection to Smart Phone

This project features the Texas Instruments SimpleLink Bluetooth Low Energy CC2640R2F Launchpad with SensorTag and Key Fob codes ported from BLE Stack 2.2.1.. 

Bluetooth Low Energy Services:

  1. Device Information Service.
  2. Link Loss Service.
  3. Immediate Alert Service.
  4. Tx Power Service.
  5. Accelerometer Service.
  6. Battery Service.
  7. Simple Keys Service.
  8. TI Sensortag 2.0 I/O Service.
  9. TI Sensortag 2.0 Register Service.

Note: Texas Instruments Sensors BoosterPack Plug-In Module will be later on added to this project to have full SensorTag Functionality.

Project Hardware Requirements:

  1. TI CC2640R2F Launchpad.
  2. TI Educational BoosterPack MKII.
  3. TI BLE USB Dongle or TI CC2650 Launchpad with Host Test Program.

Project Software Requirements.

  1. Simplelink CC2640R2 SDK: BLE-STACK V3.0.1 (Support for CC2640R2F)
  2. BLE-STACK V2.2.1 (Support for CC2640/CC2650/CC1350)
  3. TI Code Composer Studio 7.0.
  4. TI SmartRF Flash Programmer 2.
  5. TI BLE Device Monitor.
  6. SensorTag App.

Hardware Setup:

TI Educational BoosterPack MKII connected to TI CC2640R2F Launchpad

Overall Pin Compatibility:

Overall Pin Compatibility 2

TI CC2640R2F Blogs:

5 need to know facts about the new SimpleLink™ Bluetooth low energy CC2640R2F wireless MCU

How does Bluetooth® 5 increase the achievable range of a Bluetooth low energy connection?

Program: TI CC2640R2F SensorTag

Note: Using SmartRF Flash Programmer 2, you can program the app and stack hex files to your device setup. See, program link README.md for instructions.

Program Details:

The TI CC2640R2F SensorTag Program, are made up of SensorTag and Key Fob codes from BLE Stack 2.2.1 ported to CC2640R2F SDK simple peripheral.

See, CC2640R2 SDK Porting Guide, to learn how to port codes from BLE Stack 2.2.1 to CC2640R2 SDK simple peripheral example programs.

TI SensorTag App:

Note: As of this Blog Post Publishing , the SensorTag App crashes when going to Sensor View. However, the SensorTag App does not crash going to Services.

TI CC2640R2F SensorTag IO:

To activate TI CC2640R2F Launchpad IO, first set Config to “01”, to enable control by remote client. Then set Data to these below settings.

“00” – All IO’s set to OFF
“01” – Blue LED ON
“02” – Green LED ON
“03” – Both Blue and Green LED ON
“04” – Buzzer ON

TI CC2640R2F SensorTag SimpleKeys:

TI CC2640R2F Launchpad Button 1 and Button 2, presses are passed on the SimpleKeys BLE Service.

TI CC2640R2F SensorTag Immediate Alert:

Immediate Alert is triggered by setting Link Loss Alert Level to either “01” or “02”. Then set Immediate Alert to “01” for Low Alert or “02” for High Alert.

TI CC2640R2F SensorTag Link Loss Alert:

Set the Link Loss Alert Level to either “01” or “02”. Then remove link to Bluetooth Device. In this case, I removed the TI BLE USB Dongle. When connection timeout is reached, Link Loss Alert is triggered.


2 thoughts on “TI CC2640R2F SensorTag”

  1. Hi! If you want an app capable of working with all the sensors from CC2541DK, CC2650STK, ThunderBoard React and Sense (e.g. accelerometer., magnetometer, gyroscope etc.), you can download it from: http://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9p054xsjjr1n – the software is able of giving new uses (movement & magnetic security, accelerometer mouse, PC remote control and wireless presenters) to all these IoT SensorTags. For more info.: http://www.blesstags.eu. Thank you so much and have fun!


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